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Brutti ma buoni
Italian cookies in Kuwait, brutti ma buoni, ugly but good
Italian desserts in Kuwait, Piedomntese chocolate and amaretti dessert

A typical dessert from Piemonte with cocoa, milk, eggs and amaretti cookies. People are very serious about it in Turin!


We sell them by the dozen.

The name pretty much says it all. These crunchy almond buiscits are a delight to nibble as a dessert or all day long. 


We sell them by two dozens.


Indulge in this creamy espresso panna cotta. It's much more than a panna cotta. Our espresso coffee and fresh double cream make the difference.


It will definitely wake up your tastebuds.


We sell them by the dozen.

Another staple dessert in the Piedmontese cuisine. These peaches are stuffed with dark chocolate and amaretti and gently baked in our ovens.


There's never enough left for our chef. 


We sell them by the dozen, when in season.

Panna cotta al caffè
Coffee panna cotta, available in Kuwait
Pesche ripiene
Stuffed peaches with chocolate and amaretti biscuits

There is more than Tiramisù.


Try Bunet, a Piedmontese traditional dark chocolate and almond speciality, our espresso panna cotta or our "ugly but good" cookies. Our peaches with a chocolate and amaretti filling cannot be missed either.


Your will love us after trying our desserts.

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