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Why gourmet Italian food?

Italian farinata
We believe in slow food, careful selection of ingredients and plenty of fun in the kitchen.
We love our food and we take great care in preparing and cooking it.
Fast and furious food is not our thing.
Hospitality, quality ingredients and creativity in the kitchen are part of us as Italians.
I'm telling you that you'll LOVE US!

We were born in beautiful areas of Italy, Liguria and Piedmont. 


Our specialties range from  



A chickpea and olive oil-based flatbread which we sprinkle with black pepper.


It is a gluten free specialty invented by the ancient Romans who used to leave a mixture of water, olive oil and chick pea flour dry on their shields. Fascinating!


Fresh pasta kits

Handmade fettuccine, taglierini and tagliatelle, matched with a sauce of your choice (Sicilian pesto, meat sauce or vegetable ragù)


Brutti ma buoni (ugly, but good) 

Delicious almond cookies, perfect as a snack



A Piedmontese chocolate and almond specialty


Coffee panna cotta

The best double cream and the highest quality espresso coffee blended into a smooth and delicate panna cotta. 




And start living healthy TODAY

Italian fresh pasta in Kuwait
Italian savoury cookies
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