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Peperonata, a gently cooked pepper stew

An incredibly tasty peperonata with bags of flavors, including red onion, garlic and almonds. Taste is as it is, either cold or warm, on a bruschetta or even on your pasta. This is a staple comfort food in Italian homes and peppers make it incredibly colourful.


We love to eat this Sicilian speciality on a piece of grilled bread with a drizzle of oil on top.


We make it to order and sell it by 1/2m kg portions.

Roasted bread, rubbed with garlic and olive oil, garnished with seasoned fresh tomatoes, olives and fresh cheese.


What else do you want?


We sell them by the dozen and make them fresh to order.


Our savory pies are famos among our clients for their rich texture and varied ingredients.


  • Lemon and ricotta (rich and refreshing)

  • Red onions and chicken

  • With Potatoes  (a traditional Emilia-Romagna dish)

  • Spinach and ricotta


Our 6 portions square and 4 portion (round) torte salate are freshly made-to-order.


Gently roasted high quality almonds with Ligurian olive oil, salt, garlic and fresh herbs.

Perfect as a warm appetizer or to be sprinkled on salads and other dishes


We make them to order and sell them in 500 g. portions.

Savoury Italian pie
Torte salate
Savory pies
Savoury Italian cookies, with olives and cheese
Oregano almonds

Start off with our antipasti


We offer a selection of regional specialities from our beloved Italy. Peperonata is an incredibly tasty Sicilian pepper and tomato stew; our bruschettas are filled with garlic, olive and fresh tomatoes flavors. Finally, our oregano roasted almonds and and torte salate (pies) from all over Italy will delight your tastebuds and make your guests want you to order more. All of our dishes are made to order and can be ordered up to 24 hours in advance.

Ligurian chickpea flatbread
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