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Fresh handmade pasta in Kuwait
Fresh handmade vegetable lasagna in Kuwait
Veggie lasagna

Our tagliatelle pasta kit can be combined with CIBO's

  • slow-cooked ragù meat sauce

  • our seasonal fresh vegetables sauce

Our very thinly cut taglierini are perfect to be combined with light sauces, such as:


  • mushrooms and cream sauce

  • fresh tomato sauce



Rich layers of slowly-cooked ragù meat sauce and besciamelle. This meat lasagna is unique and unforgettable comfort food.


Our mothers used to cook it on Sundays.
We prepare it everyday for Kuwaiti foodies!

Fresh handmade pasta in Kuwait
Fresh handmade lasagne in Kuwait
Meat Lasagne

We love pasta and we make our own. 


Fettuccine, pappardelle, gnocchi, lasagne, lasagnette, you name it and we make it to order using the best flour and the freshest eggs.


Our popular pasta kits consist of:

a minumum of 500 g. of fresh handmade pasta

the sauce of your choice

instructions on how to cook and serve it


If you don't feel like cooking you can:

  • choose one of our ready-to-eat lasagnas

  • book our chef for a special event

Seasonal veggies and a rich besciamelle sauce make this  lasagna a must for vegetable lovers and not only.


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